Thursday, November 30, 2006


Wow!! It's been 10 days since I've last posted. What's happened since? Well the mixer that I went to was okay...I didn't stick around very long. I wasn't feeling too well and there were not many people there anyway. I did meet a few people, mostly actors and I'd really prefer to meet casting directors and agents.

Monday night. I'm home watching TV and decide to check my email to see if I have any new projects I can submit to and what do I find? An audition for a commercial!!! How awesome!!! I haven't had an audition in about 2 months and boy was I happy to get one. It's a promo for a program on The History Channel. The audition required me to dress in early 20th century foreign military wear. Hmm....nothing in my closet anywhere close to what I needed and I had only Monday night to go find some clothes. I made a quick trip down to the only thrift store open past 7pm. I didn't have many high hopes on finding something suitable but luck was on my side tonight! I was able to find some passable attire!!! It wasn't exactly what I needed but it was darn close enough. So Tuesday comes around and the audition goes really well. I go in and do my thing and get good feedback. I'm feeling good.

I'm feeling even better when I get home and find I've got another audition on Wednesday!!! This time for a commercial agent!!! I have to have a commercial ready to read for the audition so I go to my stack of material that I've accumulated from the past 2 years worth of classes and pick a copy that I've read before. The first time I read it, it was for an agent evaluation in a class I took. I got okay feedback from that but was told that I played it a little safe. I needed to make sure I don't play it down on the audition. I read it a few times and try some different ways of doing it and feel confident about the material and my read. Now, all I have to do is hope the agent likes the read too.

Wednesday afternoon comes and I go to my audition. I have to wait a while before I'm seen but not too long. I go in and talk with the agent for a bit and she asks me to read for her. I only made it about halfway through and get mixed up on a line and want to start over. I hate having to start over but I needed to give a good read and that one wasn't. The next read goes much better and I get a good response. She says she will be auditioning for the remainder of the day and will make her decisions on Thursday.

Overall, both my auditions went really well and I think I have a good shot at landing both an agent and a commercial. I guess I'll know by Monday whether I got either. So until then...



Monday, November 20, 2006

follow up emails

Today I finally sent out follow-up emails to agents(sometimes I epitomize procrastination, the emails should have been sent a week ago). I sent them a link to my lacasting resume too so I hope they will all check it out even if they don't actually read the email itself. Tomorrow I've got a mixer to go to for lacasting. I hope I can meet a few agents and casting directors. I need to start thinking of a way to get some work on youtube. I've been coming up with a bunch of little mini-plays I can put together. The biggest problem is I have so many ideas that are all about 75% formed and they all sound so good to me I never know which to put more thought into. I wonder if that's a problem many people face. Anyway... I'll post again after tomorrow.


Friday, November 17, 2006

So here is a link to my online resume
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Hello all

Well let's start off with a quick introduction. My name is Anthony and I'm trying to start an acting career in film. You haven't seen me in anything yet but I am in a short film that will soon be on the Internet(and hopefully in a few film festivals!)...I'll give a link when it's online. I live just outside Los Angeles with my girlfriend and our pets. I'm a Chicago native, die hard Cubs fan and huge Bears fan. I love animals and worked for a local animal rescue for about 4 years.

So why have I started this blog? A few reasons. The main reason is the fact that I've been having troubles getting my foot in the door. I haven't been getting replies from agents for representation and have little results with my own submissions for auditions. I know that it is very difficult to start an acting career and I have no plans of ever quitting but sometimes things feel stagnant and I do need to keep myself busy in some creative manner. Another reason for starting this blog is to let everyone into my world and the "trials and tribulations" of my career. I will try to post daily or every other day and will definitely post any news regarding auditions, classes, and anything relating to my career.

Talk to you soon.